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The language is English

Life in General Posted on 2008-08-30 17:43:37

I have been thinking about if I should keep the blog in English or switch over to my native language. And I have come to the conclusion… I will keep it in English. I want to keep up and develop my English and I want non-Swedish people to be able to understand what I write here. And since I’ll write a lot of Swedish in school I’ll get my part of my native language there. So.. school stuff, Swedish. Personal blog, English.
Although I am not any english pro or something and if I write something that is completly ongobongo, please tell me, I better get remarks than publishing in an incorrect language.


Boardgames Posted on 2008-08-30 16:12:06

I bought Roborally this week. I have been wanting it for a long time but everywhere I have asked for it I’ve been told that they’re out of copies and no one has been able to say when it will be back in stores. Although, when I went to the science fiction bookstore last Wednesday I just stumbled upon a copy of the game. I just couldn’t resist to buy it when I saw it in real life. J and I tried to play it really quick once but we were a bit stressed and we think we missed some parts of the rules. Anyway, it seems fun and we will probably play it again next week. I’ll probably write another post about it when I’ve got a little more gameexperience.
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Social Media (= Web 2.0)

School Posted on 2008-08-30 12:24:24

My intention was to write this post yesterday but I was tired after a messy day and the bustrip (I hate buses) to Norrköping. So.. I wanted to write something about the lecture yesterday about Social Media with Annika Lidne. It was actually one of the best lectures I have been to. It was very interesting and gave us alot of information about for example RSS, Social bookmarking such as or Stumpleupon, Wikis, Social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin, Microblogging (Twitter, Jaiku) and so on and so on and so on.

There are alot of useful services out there worth to use and if you start thinking “I wouldn’t have time for all those things” my answer would be that most of those services saves time and hopefully give you alot of useful information at the same time. I got a good example of this already yesterday afternoon when I told my mum that my second cousin wrote to me and congratulated on the apartment. My mum said “Have you already written to her about that?” Ofcourse I hadn’t, there was no time for writing to second cousins yesterday. She just knew it 😉

So, my recommendations are, if you ever get the opportunity to listen to Annika Lidne, do it!

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