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I am the FTP-master

School Posted on 2008-09-09 16:55:22

My schedule for today said “Software lecture 9:30-12:15”. I went there without knowing anything about what it was gonna be about. It turned out to be instructions for how to basically use an FTP-program, Skype and MSN. Everyone had used MSN before so that took like one minute to get over. Thus the rest of the time were spent on Filezilla and Skype. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ended up at the right place but I still think I have. I am sure about that those who didn’t know how to use these programs are good at things I need to learn. And since we have 80% mandatory presence at this education we’ll all have such moments as I had today. Hey, they even called me a hacker..

The Internet

Computers and Internet Posted on 2008-09-09 16:43:06

\o/ J has got the Internet at home. He’d ordered a wireless modem from Tre and it seems to work fine except from some lag spikes. I’m starting to think about how I’ll solve it with Internet in my apartment. I have come up with four different possibilities.
From what I have read the house seems to be a so called Comhem-house.
So, the choices are:
1. Order a ComHem subscription and share the Internet between my computers.
2. Order a ComHem subscription and a wireless router for a wireless network.
3. Order a wireless modem from Tre or Telia and share between the computers.
4. Order both a ComHem subscription and a wireless modem.

All the solutions have positive and negative sides, such as economy, comfort, flexibility and so on. Choice number 4 would ofcourse be the ultimate solution in a world where I had an unlimited amount of money. But I am a student now so my economy is limited. If you have any proposals or ideas, please write a comment.

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