I watched Swedish Pop Idol yesterday. As usual there were people who really sucked and I don’t even think they’re funny anymore, they’re more awkward to be honest. Then there was this girl Anna Bergendahl. What a voice. It was magical. Really. But when she had got all the compliments about how good she was, hugs from the jury and got her ticket to the final auditions she ran out of the room, shouted “Peter!” and ran into Peter Jihdes arms. It made me laugh hysterical. Did I do something wrong? Did I make a fool of the new goddess of Sweden? I don’t know but I still think it was funny and when something is funny, I laugh.

Another thing I laughed even more about yesterday was that J got locked in between two doors made of glass when he was closing for the day at the store where he works. He was very close to end up as a mannequin the rest of the night. But he had luck and managed to get out.