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She’s got a ticket to ride!

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-19 01:08:56

I ended this day with a game of Ticket to ride: Europe with C. She liked the game and was really close to finish some really good rides. But lack of experience made her lose the game to me. I had some luck with my tickets aswell, I don’t think I’ve ever completed as many rides as I did today. I’d also like to say that C usually don’t play boardgames so this is a game I can recommend to beginners as well as experienced boardgame players. Everyone likes it!

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Now I’m off to bed, goodnight!

The best Project Manager in the world, M

School Posted on 2008-10-19 00:57:05

I tormented my aunt M yesterday by interviewing her about her role as project manager. It was a task for our second case studyin school. The bad part was that M had an awful migraine attack while she was here this weekend so I really felt like a bad person. At the same time I wanted to complete my task for this study. I feel bad when i think about it. I love my aunt for being the wonderful person she is so right now I really have a guilty conscience. I’ll have to compensate for this some time.

The birthday

Friends and Family Posted on 2008-10-19 00:49:29

The day started at 6 when I woke up and my body decided that I had slept enough. So I sat down and wrote a birthday-poem to my dad instead. At 7 mum, M, C and I walked in to my dad who weren’t sleeping at all. We sang and gave him breakfast and presents by his bed. M, C and I gave him tickets to this concert and mum gave him a GPS and roses. He liked his presents alot which was nice because it’s always hard to buy presents to my dad.

M and S-O came already yesterday evening so they were with us from breakfast today until they went home early evening. At around 12 the first guests arrived and after that we had guests constantly until after 7pm. I lost count of how many times I ate sandwich layer-cake and I am still full after all the cakes of all kinds I have eaten today.

All in all I have had a really nice day and it was nice to see my dad in such a good mood today, he really enjoyed his birthday from morning until late evening. For my dads sake, I want to thank everyone who came by, he really appreciated it.