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What gamecard am I?

School Posted on 2008-10-21 18:10:02

I have got the weirdest task in school. I am gonna write one A4 page about myself. As if this wouldn’t be hard enough our teacher spiced the task a little bit more when he added the detail that the text should be written as a description of which game card I am from a deck of cards. So.. now I just need to identify myself with a game card. It would be easier if I had a deck of cards to look at but I don’t :<
If you have any ideas of which card I could be, feel free to post a comment.

The ten T’s

Music Posted on 2008-10-21 17:39:12

This is who I am – Salem Al Fakir
The reason – Hoobastank
The scientist – Coldplay
Take me away – Melody Club
Ticket to ride – The Beatles
Turn off the light – Nelly Furtado
This is the year – Marit Bergman
The way I feel – 12 Stones
This is it – Agnes Carlsson, but who did the original version?
The Look – Roxette

Brain training… Background story: C gave me the task to write 10 songs beginning with T.