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Soundcard problems…

Computers and Internet Posted on 2008-10-23 17:38:21

For you who didn’t know, I bought a new computer at Komplett a few months ago. Last week I realized that my microphone didn’t work with the new computer so I mailed them with links to two screen shots of my settings and explained that there is no sound in but there is sound out. The first answer I got was “Probably you haven’t set up your soundcard to be the main entity for your sound”. They hadn’t even looked at my screenshots at all.

Maria 1 – 0 Komplett.

I replied and told them to look at my screenshots and got a new answer that i should call them between 8am and 5pm (when I’m usually not at home). Today I called them and the guy I got to talk to really sucked. He refused to believe something was wrong with the soundcard and said so 10 times together with “but I don’t know what’s wrong”. Finally he came up with the brilliant idea to enable the sound on the motherboard and test if the microhpone worked that way. I said goodbye to him, enabled the sound on the motherboard, installed the drivers and the microphone worked. I called them back and got to talk to a girl, I explained everything to her and she said “It can’t be anything else than a broken soundcard, I will send you a new one”.

Maria 2 – 0 Komplett.

Autumn Bar

Friends and Family Posted on 2008-10-23 17:16:34

“Autumn bar at Berns” is on my schedule today. It’s organized by my school and I’m going there with my friends from the class. I have never been to Berns and I have no idea how it’ll be. But I will go home pretty early anyway because tomorrow I have to be at Ryggakuten in Norrk√∂ping at 11am.