I got to play my Roborally for the first time this weekend (I don’t count when J and I played it under stress just when I’d bought it). Roborally is made by Avalon Hill and it was fun fun fun! It was so fun that we even played it twice in a row. One thing I can say about this game is the more, the merrier. Because when you are more players, more things can happen to the robots which makes the interaction more intensive and that’s the biggest point with this game. You can play this with up to eight players. We were five and it was fun but we decided that the game was over when the winner was named, otherwise it would’ve taken to long time. I didn’t win though ;(

+ One plus with this game is that it is easy to learn.
+ Next plus is that it doesn’t take a lot of time if you don’t want it to, it depends on which course you choose and if you let everyone finish the race.
+ I’ll also give a plus for the big interaction part that makes it so fun and causes alot of laughs.
+ The game also has to get a plus for the variation. There are, 4 two-sided factory floorboards, which means you have 8 different boards to choose between and you can also put them together to make bigger factory floors.

– A big minus with the game for an organizer like me is that there are no bags or boxes in the carton. And since there are lots of small parts, I mean heaps of small parts (8 flags, 8 robots, 60 damage tokens, 40 life tokens, 84 program cards, 8 power down tokens, 26 option cards, sand timer and 4 factory floor boards) I had to buy zip-bags to get some organization in the game carton.

But all in all this game is wonderful and I think most people would like it.
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