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Trompe l’œil

School Posted on 2008-10-28 19:26:38

Today I was on an art exhibition at Nationalmuseum with school called “trick the eye” and I wasn’t very impressed. The best picture was the one they’ve used when advertising the exhibition. The rest just gave me the feeling of being at just another art exhibition. So if you have better things to do I don’t recommend you to visit the Nationalmuseum for this.


Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-28 17:16:00

Lookout games is a young company on the German boardgame market. Last year they published Agricola, a game completely of my taste. The game got Spiel des Jahres special award for Best complex game and won the Deutscher Spiele Preis this year.
When we played it this weekend I was tired and hadn’t got the rules completely clear so I think I’ll like it more next time I play it. In Agricola you are a farmer with a yard that you are supposed to fill with a bigger house, pastures with animals, fields with grain and so on. In the end you get points for what you have built up on your yard.

+ It’s easy to learn if you aren’t tired and making tea while rules are explained 😛
+ It doesn’t take a to long time.
+ The interaction with other players is better in this game than many other games of this type since you can’t pick an action that is already picked during the current turn.

– The cards could be better designed with symbold or colors to make it easier to remember what each card has to offer.

My conclusion: I really want to play this game again now when I know the rules because I really like the concept.

Btw, we ate Non Stop 😉

Arkham Horror

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-28 16:35:13

Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games is a game for the boardgame geeks. I have played it once before and I think it takes a few times to learn so I can’t say I know the game fully yet. The game takes place in the city of Arkham from the books of Lovecraft. Together the players fight the monsters in Arkham which means this is not a game where one of the players wins, either all the players win or the monster in the game wins. I liked this game more this time than when I played it for the first time and I will probably like it even more next time I play it. It’s a very complex game and it contains lots of things.

+ The first plus I’ll give this game is because it’s collaboration designed. It’s hard to succeed with a collaboration game but this game is a well designed success in my eyes.
+ Next plus goes to the variation of the game since there are lots of roles one can play with different abilities and also different monsters to fight against in the game.

– My first minus to this game is because it takes a long time to learn and most often there is a new player to the game who has to get the rules explained from scratch. But a complex game like this needs some setup time as well so it’s not unbareable.
– I will also give the game a minus for the long time it takes to play. Atleast sometimes. We were six players playing Arkham Horror this weekend and I don’t think it took a to long time for being that many players but I remember last time I played it as a marathon game.
– Here comes my last minus for the waiting time. Even though it is a collaboration it feels like you are mostly sitting and waiting for your turn which makes you a bit unconcentrated and you start to talk to your neighbour at the table about other things. I think we expereinced this minus more this weekend though since we were more players.

But as I wrote it feels like I will like this game more and more fore every time I play it. But I will probably never buy it to my own boardgame collection.