Lookout games is a young company on the German boardgame market. Last year they published Agricola, a game completely of my taste. The game got Spiel des Jahres special award for Best complex game and won the Deutscher Spiele Preis this year.
When we played it this weekend I was tired and hadn’t got the rules completely clear so I think I’ll like it more next time I play it. In Agricola you are a farmer with a yard that you are supposed to fill with a bigger house, pastures with animals, fields with grain and so on. In the end you get points for what you have built up on your yard.

+ It’s easy to learn if you aren’t tired and making tea while rules are explained 😛
+ It doesn’t take a to long time.
+ The interaction with other players is better in this game than many other games of this type since you can’t pick an action that is already picked during the current turn.

– The cards could be better designed with symbold or colors to make it easier to remember what each card has to offer.

My conclusion: I really want to play this game again now when I know the rules because I really like the concept.

Btw, we ate Non Stop 😉