Another game we played during the boardgame weekend was Race for the Galaxy by Rio Grande Games. I got this game as a birthday present from my friends in Link√∂ping. The first time I played it I didn’t understand much of the game. But during the eurotrip with D this summer we played it pretty much and I started to like it. In this game the players build up their galactic civilizations and collect victory chips as points. It’s not a big game, it only contains cards and the victory chips. When you have learned how it’s played it’s simple, fast and enjoyable.

+ The game is fast played, around 30-60 mins.
+ It’s playable on two with an extra rule that doens’t make the game boring which most games usually are when played with two players.
+ Somehow they have managed to make a game simple and complex with just a few gameparts.

– It’s hard to learn and understand for a first time player.
– I wouldn’t say there is no interaction but the interaction is minimal