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Trompe l’œil (again)

Life in General Posted on 2008-11-09 16:18:24

When I was looking through my vacation pictures from this year (to find the ones for my last post) I found a Trompe l’œil picture. It is from Berlin aswell and as you can see it is painted on a house wall. We just walked by it by a pure coincidence while trying to find somewhere to eat. Now when I have learned it’s called Trompe l’œil aswell I feel like a good girl 🙂Blog Image

The night of broken glass

Society Posted on 2008-11-09 16:02:47

Today it’s 70 years since the night of broken glass. When I think about it I feel sorrow and I get reminded about last summer when I visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. All those concrete blocks. It was powerful. The area is 19000 square meters. There is also an underground information hall which holds the names of all known Jewish Holocaust victims and they also have copies of letters etc. sent by Jews during the Holocaust time. That day was just as today a thoughtful day. I’ll light a candle tonight as my memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the night of broken glass.

Fathers day

Friends and Family Posted on 2008-11-09 11:20:35

Congratulations to all fathers. Especially to a father-to-be who is a great friend of mine. <3
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