So, I was at Söderköpings brunn last weekend for a party with work. We went there at around 15 to check in at the hotel and drink “coffee” which appeared to be more of a cake buffet than a cup of coffee. Then we got our optional treatment at their spa, I had a face cleansing treatment which was wonderful. After that it was time to get dressed and prepared for dinner. We were served a three-course dinner and a lot of alcohol. I stayed away from the alcohol though. After the dinner which tasted really good the DJ arrived and it was dance time! We were 55 employees + the boss at the party and I had great fun, I became really tired though and had to be woken up to be in time for breakfast. And as most hotel breakfasts this one was very delicious. I had my camera at the hotel room during the stay so I have no pictures from the party.