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My blog hates my visitors :(

Computers and Internet Posted on 2008-12-09 20:15:28

Some people can’t write comments to my blog posts. If you are one of them, please contact me so I get a clue about how many people who are affected. You can write me an e-mail. You can probably figure out my address by yourself if you don’t know it 😉
Please also write what happens when you try to comment my posts. If it appears that you are more than one or two I will contact my provider or consider a wordpress installation.

And.. I’m sorry 🙁

My house

TV Posted on 2008-12-09 16:54:52

Tonight is the last episode of House for this season. I am gonna watch it, are you?
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Happy name day Anna!

Friends and Family Posted on 2008-12-09 16:46:44

To all of you Annas out there. Congratz and a big hug from another Anna 🙂
(even though it’s not my given name)


TV Posted on 2008-12-09 16:42:06

So.. Soon Körslaget will start at swedish TV4 and I have a problem. I have one friend in the Bollnäs team and one friends in the Sundsvall team. So which team do I vote for? I can vote for both ofcourse but then when they are both in the final? I hope you guys Elinor and Jon will be on your toes then because you will have to fight for my vote in the final!

Btw, last season I watched Körslaget only because of the trailer. It was amazing so I hope for a nice trailer this year aswell.

(The program starts at 26 december)