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Uh uh a list

Life in General Posted on 2008-12-13 11:28:48

I wrote a list yesterday which I stole from CC’s blog. I am not that kind of person who writes lists because I don’t think it’s interesting reading for other people. So after this one I won’t write a list in this blog in a veeeerylong time. Promise. I have also translated this one from swedish. /golfclap

Name: Anna Maria Hägglöf
Piercings: No, but I have considered one in my left eyebrow.
Tattoos: No.
Length: 169,5 cm.
Shoe size: 38-39
Hair colour: Ny natural color is middle brown. But now I have dyed my hair.. middle brown?
Are you in love? Unfortunately not
Do you wish that you lived somewhere else? I always wish that I lived in a bigger house/apartment and together with someone and sometimes I wish I lived in another town or country.
Do you think of suicide? No!
Do others think that you are attractive? Some people do and others don’t.
Which schampoo do you use? Gliss
Which Parfume do you use? Rexona deodorant and Mexx Waterlove or Hugo Boss for women parfume
What are you afraid of? Rapers and psychos
Do you like to do the laundry? Not really but it’s ok compared to the dishes
Do you like rollercoasters? No.

Film you rent:
I don’t remember
Film you bought: I don’t remember that either, last film I got was Bamse – the first adventures, but that was a birthday present
Tune you listened too: Magnus Carlsson – Himmel i advent
Tune you had on your mind: Katy Perry – I kissed the girl (I can’t help it, it’s stuck)
Person you called: Joakim at Clas Ohlson customer service, Norrköping
TV show you watched: The last episode of House
Person you were thinking of: My brother, Marcus

Food: Tacos
Thing to do: Spend my time with good friends
Sport: To exercise: badminton, soccer, skiing and running. To watch: Ice hockey and ski jumping.
Clothes: Dress, I like to dress up when it’s party.
Car: Lamborghini and Volkswagen Beetle

You’ve been in love:
Eight I think
You’ve been heartbroken: One
Hearts have been broken because of you: One I think
Your name has been in the newspaper: I don’t know actually.
Scars on your body: 3! One from when my brother bit me when we were kids, one from a knife and one from chicken pox

Book you read: A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini
Person you got e-mail from: Myself, sad but true, I mailed myself a homework document to be able to print it out from any computer.
Person you got mail from: My mum and dad
Person you got sms from: Peter
Time your entire family had dinner together: October 19th

What have you done today: Homework, browsed the web, played Ticket to ride, had lunch with dad
Was it any fun: Yes, nothing of it was boring atleast
How early do you go up from bed: 7:30 at ordinary days
Do you like to fight: No
What are you gonna do tonight: Watch the swedish pop idol final together with my mum in the basement.
Are you serious: Now? Yes. Always? No.
What allergies do you have: Kovepenin
Where do you have pain: Nowhere right now
Do you use hairspray: Sometimes
Can you stand on your hands: Only if someone helps me and if it is against a wall.
Favourite TV-show: House

Salt or sugar?
Do you like ketchup? It’s not like I dislike it but I don’t eat it very often.
Are you happy now? Yes I think so.
Were you happy yesterday? Yes I was
Do you know someone who is working in a hospital? Yes
What do you dance to? Punk rock, christmas songs, some popluar hit songs we in Sweden call schlager
Stockholm is: where I live, I like it alot, especially in the summer.
Göteborg is: Nice I think. I have only been there twice
Can you sing: I rather sing loud than good 😛
More worth than gold: Friends
Spaghetti or macaronies: Spaghetti
A country I want to visit: Finland, Kenya, Japan
It will be fun: To work as a trainee at habit
Will not be fun: What won’t be fun? I don’t know
Save up for: The life I will live when I’ve got a job I want, a man in my life etc.
Wait for: The dinner to be ready
Food on your sandwich: Kalles fresh cheese
The drink for today: Julmust

The new trailer

TV Posted on 2008-12-13 01:23:27

I have seen the new trailer of Körslaget on TV today! It doesn’t beat last years trailer but it is really good.<!–