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The odd thing

Boardgames Posted on 2009-01-03 16:49:01

I promised to show you a screenshot of the odd thing I did in TTR: Online a few days ago. So here goes..
Blog ImageIt’s a bit hard to see but I broke my record and got 160.. the odd thing is that I did it with only small tickets.. I didn’t know it was possible to get such a high score when you have thrown away your big ticket.


Life in General Posted on 2009-01-03 14:59:45

2008 is over and here is what happened in my so called life..

I got a new co-worker at work who I didn’t like in the beginning but as always we came along great when I had given it some time. I was at one job interview in Stockholm and one in Linköping during the same week.

The month started with a Stockholm-weekend, in mid-February we celebrated my grandfather who turned 90 and in the end I was home from work with back pains.
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This month was Ryggakuten my second home. I spent a weekend in Stockholm once again. My dad broke his foot and I got to work for both him and me which means I was stand-in as director even though I was just a simple substitute warehouseman. I got fever three times in March which made me work Saturdays to get things done. I was also instructor for my first 14 year old pupil at practically working experience. I was at one job interview in Stockholm and I sent in the application to Medieinstitutet. My family had the worst Easter-holiday ever with two out of three people in bed, one with a broken foot and one with 39 degrees of fever.


In April I invited some friends over for dinner and some boardgame playing. At work we made an inventory of the stock and I had yet another 14 year old pupil in my power. I dyed my hair in some colour that later made me blond and I celebrated Walpurgis with Helena.

The month started with a Stockholm-weekend and ended with a BBQ-party in Linköping. In between everything was a mess.
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In June my aunt Marianne turned 50 and I was at her party. As always I didn’t celebrate midsummer. I was on an interview at Medieinstitutet and I celebrated my birthday with strawberry cake at work and sandwich layer-cake at home.
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In the beginning of the month I invited some friends over to celebrate my birthday. Later on I was at Toby’s birthday party, I had vacation during the sunniest weeks of the year, I got my new computer and I was Interrailing in Europe with Daniel. I visited Switzerland and Italy for the first time in my life.
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August started with a party to celebrate 170 years and all my cousins were gathered for a happy reason for the first time in over 20 years. I watched Mamma Mia at the cinema with my mum, I started blogging again and school started in Stockholm. In the end of the month I lost my best friend 🙁
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September was the month of commuting between Stockholm and Norrköping. I stayed at Jonas place while being in Stockholm and at my parents place while being in Norrköping. I was at a crayfish party at Tobys summer cottage, I became a little sick as everyone else in my class and in the end of the month I got the keys to my new apartment!

I moved all my stuff to Bromma, I bought food at for 1800SEK, my dad turned 60 and we had a party at home, I was at a boardgame weekend in Linköping and I started jogging in the lighted running track in Åkeshov.
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I suffered from a stomach disorder, I dyed my hair and wasn’t satisfied, was on a big party with work and got a spa treatment. I played badminton with Anna, Peter and Anders which we should do again. In the end of the month my mum visited me for a weekend in Stockholm.
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We started working with the term project in school and I arranged a christmas party at work. I spent the Christmas holiday with my family in Norrköping and New Years Eve in Tobys summer cottage outside Linköping.
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To sum this year up I can only say that it was both the worst and the best year of my life so far.


Life in General Posted on 2009-01-03 00:21:23

I’m so annoyed, angry and I don’t know what right now. And at the moment I hate Stockholm!
I got first class seat in A and P’s car from Norrköping to Tumba, very kind of them if you ask me. Then the bad things started…
I took the commuter train to T-centralen where I was gonna buy my new SL-card for the spring term. It appeared I was not the only one. I got number 28 in the line and when I came number 932 was served. After 90 minutes of waiting (I am not kidding you) I had my new SL-card and could move on to the subway. At this point I was tired, hungry and bored of having to wait and carry all my baggage. After 15 minutes the subway train arrived and I took a seat.. after some minutes of relief by finally getting to sit down for a while someone behind me yelled something, I looked back and saw a bottle flying through the air, thrown by a woman. BANG! It hit the wall of glass right behind me. I was soooo close to get the freaking bottle in my head. Soon I reached Åkeshov and could finally go home and time was now 23-something. When I stepped into my apartment and took off my shoes I realised the floor is just as cold as in T’s summer cottage. It sucks, it really does.
I have eased my hunger with macaronis and “Falun sausage” now though, the best food in the world when you have nothing else at home.

And.. the nice and kind blogposts are coming tomorrow. Good fight, good night.