A few years ago my brother got the silly idea to grow an avocado plant. I don’t know the reason, maybe he was just curious about how it would look like because I don’t think he had serious beliefs about getting himself an avocado or two. Well, he planted the seed and started to water it. After some time two leaves popped up in the soil. Then the plant started to grow and then I really mean grow because it grew on the height so you could almost watch it grow higher and higher with your own eyes. And the two leaves continued to be two leaves, no less, no more.

Sometimes when I look back at my life I think of that avocado plant. Every choice I have made and every way I have chosen to walk in my life have made me grow. I have grown as a person and it has given me experiences that have been useful for the rest of my life. But my leaves aren’t propagating. I aint flowering and I never reach the point where I become a tree. I just grow and grow and grow. But I haven’t given up yet becuase when I become the tree I will be the tallest tree of everyone! When I get my first permanent employment I’ll not be like everyone else, I’ll be one of a kind and I’ll be coveted and appreciated for being such a high tree.