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Viva la Coldplay

Music Posted on 2009-01-23 23:40:07

Congratulations to Coldplay for winning three out of three possible Rock Bears (Swedish music award). Foreign album of the year, Foreign band of the year and Foreign tune of the year.

Other winners I wanna congratulate are:
Amanda Jenssen, Female artist of the year and Newcomer of the year.
Lars Winnerbäck, Male artist of the year.
Håkan Hellström, Swedish album of the year, Live act of the year.
Abba, Lifetime Achievement winners.

Perfect nails?

Life in General Posted on 2009-01-23 21:51:44

Anna said a few days ago that my nails are perfect! Even if I don’t believe her it made me very happy. I’ve had a job where it is impossible to grow your nails and my nails have never been anything near perfect before. I also have to thank Sanna who gave me the tip about Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant nail hardener.