I’m working on my essay for the term examination this week but I am like.. done. I have written everything at least and I just need to read it through. It feels good to have it done before the appointed time which is on friday.

I am also already working on a new design for the site we did during the term project. Now when I have free hands to make whatever I feel like with it and work how fast I want without having to explain it to others (I suck as a teacher) I enjoy working on it and I can sit for hours making small corrections to get it the perfect way I want it. I have also scripted a news page with comments to the start page. Soon I’ll be able to show you how it looks like.

I have got a study task as well for the journalistic writing, to write a report about Sturekatten. It’s an old café from the 18th century here in Stockholm. So I’ll have to go there some day soon and take a cup of tea to get it done. From what I’ve heard this café is something extra ordinary so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be in Norrköping during the late half of next week so I need to get it done before that. Maybe this weekend?