I am in a so bad form right now and I haven’t been running much lately. I don’t feel fit at all and that is motivation enough for me to go out in the track. So I am motivated but still I don’t do it. And for every day of no training it gets even harder to get myself back in form again. If anyone can give me a tip about how to shape up and feel the joy in running again I would be very thankful.

My social life is so-so right now.. It feels like all my plans get called off for one or another reason. A dinner, a concert and a visitor for next weekend have all been cancelled the last days. Although I was at the Resumébar with some classmates a few days ago. I didn’t see Peter Settman who was supposed to be there but we had pretty fun anyway. What I have in front of me now is Gustaf Spetz at Mosebacke tonight with Jonas and a boardgame evening at Tempus tomorrow with my neighbours who I don’t know yet.