So last night I was at Mosebacke to listen at Gustaf Spetz. I have known Gustaf since I was a kid so I might be biased but I like his music. It was maybe a bit boring to see so much of his back during the gig but it was a small club and I don’t think he chose the position of the piano. The “You and me” single was Gustafs best performance yesterday but I like all the songs at the new album “Good Night Mr. Spetz” which I bought afterwards while I had a brief conversation with him. You can listen to the album at Spotify or Myspace. Ofcourse you can also buy the album for 119SEK only 🙂

Jonas took some pics from the gig so I’ll probably add one or two here later.
Edit: Here are the pics from Jonas cellphone, they are in a so bad quality that I hadn’t added them if I hadn’t promised you. They are from the first and the last tune.