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From the youngest to the oldest

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-03-05 13:53:28

Since I have been to tired and lazy to write anything here lately I haven’t written anything about the weekend more than that it started with a new haircut.

As you might have understood I spent the weekend in Östergötland. I went there at the Friday to cut my hair and I also visited my work where I bought sport hipsters and a dress.
During Saturday am I visited a new little girl on this earth called Stella-Marie, her big sister and parents. She was small and cute and she mostly ate and slept.. like babies normally do 🙂
At the evening I went to visit Stefan, Pernilla and the rest of the gang in Linköping, plus Björn and Josefin who were there for the weekend. We ate grilled meat for the first time this year and I enjoyed the evening, as I always do when I see my friends in Linköping.
At the Sunday I went to my grandpa at the recovery clinic together with my grandma and mum. I feel really sorry for him and he’s not in the mood he used to be. But it feels like there is nothing I can do :<
I took the train back home to Stockholm in the evening and since then I have just been tired.

Spring fatigue

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-05 13:24:20

This week I have been so tired and most of the time I’ve had headache aswell. I don’t really know why but in school I have been like a zombie. People have asked me what’s wrong but I have no answer. When I’ve come home in the afternoon I’ve spent the rest of the days in bed, sleeping or watching TV. I have even been to tired to sit in front of my computer and then something is really wrong. Since I don’t have anything else to blame I blame it on spring fatigue. People say it’s to early cause it’s still winter. But the last years I have been used to call this time of the year spring since I have worked with clothes and in fashion circles it’s been spring for over a month now. This is also why I haven’t written anything in the blog lately. I’ll try to shape up.