Yesterdays training sucked, cause I fell asleep for some minutes while reading that book. Today I was a good girl though, 6.30 I went up from bed and I have been awake since then. The bad thing is that I get hungry to early when I wake up in what I call the middle of the night. I don’t have the appetite to eat much for breakfast so when time was around 11 today I was starving. I guess I’ll have to solve this with fruit or something during the upcoming weeks. I do realize that this is what normal people call habits and routines. But hey, I have never got a permanent employment in my whole life so I am not used to such things, ok?

Today I’ve been at the last lecture in school before the trainee period. It feels really nice and I also feel that I am getting my inspiration and motivation back. Just a few days ago I was filled with anxiety. I was really tired, out of energy and I couldn’t get control of my headache.

Now I just need to clean up my apartment cause I am getting visitors this weekend 🙂

Talking about housework; as a part of my “wake-up-early-training” I have laundry time at 8 am on Saturday.