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Letters put into words..

Alarm is set at 5.30…

School Posted on 2009-03-15 22:50:13

And I should have been in bed over an hour ago. Maybe I won’t have energy to write in this blog for six weeks now.. if so, goodbye until then.

And for you who have missed what’s up, my first trainee period starts tomorrow.

Lisbeth Salander = win

Film Posted on 2009-03-15 22:44:56

Yesterday I saw Män som hatar kvinnor at Rigoletto here in Stockholm. As I love the book I had looked forward to this movie since the first time I heard they were going to make a film of the book. What I have feared the most is to see how they will portrait the very special character Lisbeth Salander and I have been thinking that it must be impossible to find an actress who can give a fair picture of Lisbeth. But I must say Noomi Rapace did this great! She makes Lisbeth Salander just the way I imagined her when reading the book.

To sum it all up, I liked this film a lot. There were no parts from the book that I really missed as it sometimes can be when books become movies. Some scenes were very violent and a bit nasty but that are probably parts that are needed to make the film good.

I give this film 5 cows! And I am already looking forward to the next film in the trilogy.

My weekend

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-03-15 20:55:14

I’ve had a really nice weekend. As I wrote in my last post my aunt and cousin has been here. We went to the cinema, played Ticket to Ride and were at a concert. In between we talked, laughed and had great fun. Sleeping three in my apartment worked great. I have my tabletricks 😉