I have the best friends in the world.
I have been in Linköping for two days and spent some time with them. I have seen Tobias new apartment (which is Annas old apartment) and I have seen Anna and Andreas‘ new house which was very nice and where I stayed over the night. I’ve also experienced Ljungsbro by night together with Anna, Andreas, Tobias and Björn. Something that appeared to be a bit scary. Cars, oil, drunks, mopeds and cats were involved.

Today I have been in Tornby together with Anna, Andreas, Pernilla and Stefan where I ate this years first real icecream. In the afternoon we ate grilled food at Pernilla and Stefans place.

But most of all, I have enjoyed the company and the sun and life has just been good to me. The only stupid thing was that I forgot to bring my camera.

Now I am back in Norrköping at my parents place and tomorrow I’ll take the train back home to Stockholm. I am a happy cow and this Easter holiday beats last years by far. (I had 39 degrees last year)