I am back home in cold and boring Sweden. I have had a very good week at Crete together with my mum. The only bad thing was that the week started with three days of bad weather whom two of them were rainy. And with rainy I mean pouring rain. Cause there is no such thing as drizzle on Crete. But we used the rainy days for bus trips to small villages in the mountains, Knossos and Heraklion. When the sun finally found out there is still an island called Crete I burnt my skin of course. But I enjoyed my stay in Rethymnon and I will miss all the good Greek food I’ve eaten. The brothers at Restaurant La Mare in Rethymnon are my new favourite greeks. I have also been shopping at Crete. Hello new bag, sweater and necklace! I also bought a very nice body lotion made of Avocado oil in a little villiage where they produced it. It only costed my 6 euro and I’m sure I would’ve got to pay atleast 150 SEK for it in Sweden. All in all it has been great to go away from Sweden to just relax and forget about school etc for a week. I will post a link to my pictures in a while.. I am uploading them at the moment and well, it takes a while with my sucky Com Hem connection.