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This is old now

Life in General Posted on 2009-05-16 15:48:44

I have installed wordpress at and moved this blog to See you in my new blog!

Having a cold

Life in General Posted on 2009-05-15 19:30:27

Bleh. It sucks and I don’t feel like doing anything at all.. And while doing nothing time goes very slowly.

The power of snail mail

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-05-15 19:22:08

Today I got an invitation for midsummer by snail mail. A not so frequent occurrence in this digital world. The fact that I usually never get snail mails from friends (except from when someone is getting married) makes me more happy about it than other invites. It also gives me a more positive attitude about the party when I see that they have put some effort in the invitation design. It makes me believe they’ll also put some effort in making a nice midsummer for their friends. So thank you Josefin and Björn, I’ll gladly spend my midsummer with you.

School is boring right now

School Posted on 2009-05-14 00:05:44

Yes it is true.. I have no inspiration what so ever now when I’m back in school after being at Mentor. I am longing for my second trainee period already and I guess I should start writing applications cause I have decided to send applications to a lot of companies this time.

But as said, school sucks right now. At least for me. It actually feels like it will be even more fun to work at Lagos Mode this summer. But it is only four weeks left now and I really hope I will feel more motivated after the summer.

Talking about the summer. I will have week numbers 25-26 and 32-34 off this year. And I really want to go somewhere, inter railing or just going on an ordinary charter trip. But I don’t want to go alone, so if you wanna come along, please tell me! But only if you are serious.

Pictures from Crete

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-05-10 22:58:01

As promised, here they are!

Hello again Sweden

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-05-10 19:25:37

I am back home in cold and boring Sweden. I have had a very good week at Crete together with my mum. The only bad thing was that the week started with three days of bad weather whom two of them were rainy. And with rainy I mean pouring rain. Cause there is no such thing as drizzle on Crete. But we used the rainy days for bus trips to small villages in the mountains, Knossos and Heraklion. When the sun finally found out there is still an island called Crete I burnt my skin of course. But I enjoyed my stay in Rethymnon and I will miss all the good Greek food I’ve eaten. The brothers at Restaurant La Mare in Rethymnon are my new favourite greeks. I have also been shopping at Crete. Hello new bag, sweater and necklace! I also bought a very nice body lotion made of Avocado oil in a little villiage where they produced it. It only costed my 6 euro and I’m sure I would’ve got to pay atleast 150 SEK for it in Sweden. All in all it has been great to go away from Sweden to just relax and forget about school etc for a week. I will post a link to my pictures in a while.. I am uploading them at the moment and well, it takes a while with my sucky Com Hem connection.

Good bye Sweden

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-05-01 11:23:44

On account of my mothers birthday next week I am bringing her to Crete tomorrow morning. (The plane goes at 7am). Even though it’s not super hot there now it will be nice to go away from Sweden for a while just to see some other things. And I feel prepared now since I have bought sunglasses, flip flops and sun protection cream. I am also bringing my training to Greece for which I have bought some new gear. So, bye bye Sweden. Hello Crete!

Wedding Party Pics

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-04-27 19:00:58

Here are some pictures from Stefan and Pernillas wedding party. If you don’t want to be here, yell at me! And… the order is backwards.

Six great weeks are over

School Posted on 2009-04-26 21:18:45

My six weeks at Mentor and Habit are over. It feels sad to be honest. Tomorrow I am going back to school again… Life has just been great during these weeks of commuting to Lidingö to write news and articles. I have felt so good and I hope this good feeling will last to June when this school year is over.

This weekend I have been at Stefan and Pernillas wedding party, it was very nice and the little movie I gave them was met with success \o/. I brought my camera but haven’t transferred the pictures yet so there will probably be one more post with pictures later.

I have also written a debate article for school with a subject so weird that I won’t mention it here in the blog.

On Tuesday I will do a Pecha Kucha about my time at Mentor. The rest of the week will be devoted for writing a report about my trainee period and preparations for a trip to the sun! Because on Saturday I am bringing my mum to Crete to celebrate her birthday. It will be wonderful and I hope it will make me warm both on the inside and the outside and give me energy for the rest of the month when I am gonna work with another term project in school.


Personal Posted on 2009-04-13 23:08:39

I just realized that my last post was pretty boringly written. Thinking of it my conclusion is that it’s easier to write good about bad stuff. It feels like when I write about things that have been good it turns out strained and unnatural in text even if I don’t feel that way in reality. Maybe it has something to do with how bad people in general and myself in particular are when it comes to receiving compliments or commendations. I don’t know. But I do know that I am late for bed. Good night.

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