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This is old now

Life in General Posted on 2009-05-16 15:48:44

I have installed wordpress at and moved this blog to See you in my new blog!

Having a cold

Life in General Posted on 2009-05-15 19:30:27

Bleh. It sucks and I don’t feel like doing anything at all.. And while doing nothing time goes very slowly.


Life in General Posted on 2009-04-06 23:28:58

During the last two days I have bought two pair of trousers, two pair of panties, one skirt, one blouse, a pair of shoes and a new cellphone. I have also ordered a new camera. Woohooo I like shopping! It’s even more fun than blogging. When I came home today there was a power cut in the house and it lasted for three hours. But.. I had a new cellphone to play with so it wasn’t that bad ūüėČ
Now I am like two hours late for bed.. but that power cut kinda disturbed my plans for today so, I am late with everything.

Hi again

Life in General Posted on 2009-04-05 16:52:51

I didn’t write anything last weekend and I haven’t written anything this weeekend either. I am in Norrk√∂ping at the moment. Going back to Stockholm in about 30 mins. So I don’t have time to write anything now either cause I need to head down to the railway station. Soon it’s easter holiday though, maybe I’ll give you something then.. I know.. I suck.

Hi blogreaders

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-26 22:08:34

Are you still here?
I am tired and on my way to bed. Maybe I’ll write something by the weekend about what I am doing at Mentor. But no promises.

Is it ok …

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-11 08:13:36

… if I lay down in bed to read a book?

Good Morning Sweden!

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-11 07:43:37

On Monday my first trainee period starts. As I am going to start working at 8 am in the mornings and have one hour commuting time I need to get up from bed at 6 am as latest. This is to be compared with ordinary school-days when I start at 9.30 and have 30min with the subway to school. So usually I go up at 8 am and I think that is hard since I am one of the most tired persons in Sweden in the mornings.
So.. this week I am training myself in the art of waking up early in the morning. Today I went up from bed at 7 and since it’s no school today I am just sitting here not knowing what to do. Yawning, of course.

Spring fatigue

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-05 13:24:20

This week I have been so tired and most of the time I’ve had headache aswell. I don’t really know why but in school I have been like a zombie. People have asked me what’s wrong but I have no answer. When I’ve come home in the afternoon I’ve spent the rest of the days in bed, sleeping or watching TV. I have even been to tired to sit in front of my computer and then something is really wrong. Since I don’t have anything else to blame I blame it on spring fatigue. People say it’s to early cause it’s still winter. But the last years I have been used to call this time of the year spring since I have worked with clothes and in fashion circles it’s been spring for over a month now. This is also why I haven’t written anything in the blog lately. I’ll try to shape up.


Life in General Posted on 2009-02-27 23:42:10

I have found my new hairdresser! Emma at Peggis Barbershop in Norrk√∂ping is the one. I am really satisfied with the haircut and my new color. Since my old hairdresser moved to northern parts of Sweden my life has been like a big, bad hairday but now I am back! Or well.. my hair is back, the way I want it. I told Emma to do whatever she wanted with my hair and she made it even better than I could imagine when I went there. That is what I call a really good hairdresser. I send my thanks and <3’s to Hanna for the tip about Emma.

My day of today

Life in General Posted on 2009-02-21 18:41:12

Yesterday I bought a new lamp to my bathroom because the light was flickering. When I came home I realised I hadn’t bought the right lamp. On top of it the light shut off completely yesterday night which made my bathroom totally dark. So today I went to the city to change it. The subway didn’t work as intended so after some trouble I was at Sergels Torg where I started to run my errands. I changed my lamp and bought one extra for future use. I bought a “pluring”, purple tights, five pair of panties, a new keyboard and a submarine with tuna! On the way home the subway trouble still wasn’t fixed so it took some time to go home aswell. I feel good anyway. And tonight I will eat Gelatelli Icecream in front of the TV.

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