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If I get some time over this week

Work Posted on 2009-01-19 00:10:40

I’ll update with spring collection pictures at both pages I’m working with.

Phonecall from my big boss

Work Posted on 2008-12-17 18:29:58

Yah.. Yesterday evening he called me up and babbled for over 20 minutes. I got work to do which took me about 30 minutes. But soon, very soon things I have worked for, for one and a half year are gonna happen, I just need to make some phonecalls and then, bampadamdaa!

Christmas gift game

Work Posted on 2008-12-12 19:13:20

We had a little christmas party yesterday which I arranged together with the new woman at work who I haven’t worked together with at all. We had a nice time with songs and music, good food, the mandatory Lagos-christmas dance and a christmas gift game. Everyone had brought a christmas gift for the game and then we played with dices about them. I didn’t win a single one of them 🙁

Party, party!

Work Posted on 2008-11-26 21:29:51

So, I was at Söderköpings brunn last weekend for a party with work. We went there at around 15 to check in at the hotel and drink “coffee” which appeared to be more of a cake buffet than a cup of coffee. Then we got our optional treatment at their spa, I had a face cleansing treatment which was wonderful. After that it was time to get dressed and prepared for dinner. We were served a three-course dinner and a lot of alcohol. I stayed away from the alcohol though. After the dinner which tasted really good the DJ arrived and it was dance time! We were 55 employees + the boss at the party and I had great fun, I became really tired though and had to be woken up to be in time for breakfast. And as most hotel breakfasts this one was very delicious. I had my camera at the hotel room during the stay so I have no pictures from the party.

This weeks self confidence boost

Work Posted on 2008-10-03 11:47:18

A woman working at another unit (within the same company): “Wow, that’s some really good looking signboards you have”
One of my co-workers: “Yes but we have a pro making them”

Even more business

Work Posted on 2007-06-03 09:03:00

Blog ImageSo.. nowadays you can find me in the store too if you are lucky. Look behind the counter. Who could believe the boss is quitting the same day as me?


Work Posted on 2007-05-16 20:50:01

shop assistant Maria at your service.

Boss called me up

Work Posted on 2007-04-18 20:32:20

I am back at work tomorrow.

Last day at work

Work Posted on 2007-04-13 20:21:57

Thanks to noone for seeing that I’d dyed my hair.