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Letters put into words..


Personal Posted on 2009-04-13 23:08:39

I just realized that my last post was pretty boringly written. Thinking of it my conclusion is that it’s easier to write good about bad stuff. It feels like when I write about things that have been good it turns out strained and unnatural in text even if I don’t feel that way in reality. Maybe it has something to do with how bad people in general and myself in particular are when it comes to receiving compliments or commendations. I don’t know. But I do know that I am late for bed. Good night.

The hole

Personal Posted on 2009-02-12 12:23:10

I don’t know if you who read this blog know about that I sometimes write “poems”. I don’t know if I want to call them real poems, sometimes they are more like lyrics to songs never composed. Mostly I do it when I feel down as therapy for myself. When I am happy I have better things to do than sitting in my loneliness writing silly rhymes.
So.. it’s with a big ounce of nervousness I am doing this. For the first time in my life I am publishing something I have written. We’ll see if I’ll do it again. Maybe I will, if something good comes out from it. I have chosen to call this one “The hole”.

The hole

You got a place in my heart
That will be yours forever
There was a part
That you chose to sever

You got a place
There is now a hole
An empty space
The piece of my heart that you stole

No more blood, no more pains
are flowing from my inner hole
But a wound still remains
From the stab of the treacheries pole

You got a place
There is now a hole
An empty space
The piece of my heart that you stole

And if the wound gets healed
It will always be scarred
The hole will never get sealed
I am forever jarred

You got a place
There is now a hole
An empty space
The piece of my heart that you stole


My life as an avocado plant

Personal Posted on 2009-01-17 17:47:22

A few years ago my brother got the silly idea to grow an avocado plant. I don’t know the reason, maybe he was just curious about how it would look like because I don’t think he had serious beliefs about getting himself an avocado or two. Well, he planted the seed and started to water it. After some time two leaves popped up in the soil. Then the plant started to grow and then I really mean grow because it grew on the height so you could almost watch it grow higher and higher with your own eyes. And the two leaves continued to be two leaves, no less, no more.

Sometimes when I look back at my life I think of that avocado plant. Every choice I have made and every way I have chosen to walk in my life have made me grow. I have grown as a person and it has given me experiences that have been useful for the rest of my life. But my leaves aren’t propagating. I aint flowering and I never reach the point where I become a tree. I just grow and grow and grow. But I haven’t given up yet becuase when I become the tree I will be the tallest tree of everyone! When I get my first permanent employment I’ll not be like everyone else, I’ll be one of a kind and I’ll be coveted and appreciated for being such a high tree.

I am thinking

Personal Posted on 2008-12-28 01:20:47

I am thinking about hockey. I am thinking about green eyes. I am thinking about that I don’t want to move away from Stockholm. I am thinking about that I don’t want to dream nightmares. I am thinking about that I don’t want to be 89. I am thinking about my family. I am thinking about my friends in the north. I am thinking about snow. I am thinking about skiing. I am thinking about TTR. I am thinking about my stomach. I am thinking about my new dressing gown. I am thinking about you.

But I should sleep. Really.


Personal Posted on 2008-11-15 17:02:34

I have dreamt alot these last nights. It’s like movies are going on during my sleep. And every morning when I wake up I have one or two new stories to tell. I’ve dreamt criminal dramas, romantic comedies and so on. It’s fun as long as I don’t dream anything scary it is pure fun to wake up and smile because of what I just dreamt.