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School is boring right now

School Posted on 2009-05-14 00:05:44

Yes it is true.. I have no inspiration what so ever now when I’m back in school after being at Mentor. I am longing for my second trainee period already and I guess I should start writing applications cause I have decided to send applications to a lot of companies this time.

But as said, school sucks right now. At least for me. It actually feels like it will be even more fun to work at Lagos Mode this summer. But it is only four weeks left now and I really hope I will feel more motivated after the summer.

Talking about the summer. I will have week numbers 25-26 and 32-34 off this year. And I really want to go somewhere, inter railing or just going on an ordinary charter trip. But I don’t want to go alone, so if you wanna come along, please tell me! But only if you are serious.

Six great weeks are over

School Posted on 2009-04-26 21:18:45

My six weeks at Mentor and Habit are over. It feels sad to be honest. Tomorrow I am going back to school again… Life has just been great during these weeks of commuting to Lidingö to write news and articles. I have felt so good and I hope this good feeling will last to June when this school year is over.

This weekend I have been at Stefan and Pernillas wedding party, it was very nice and the little movie I gave them was met with success \o/. I brought my camera but haven’t transferred the pictures yet so there will probably be one more post with pictures later.

I have also written a debate article for school with a subject so weird that I won’t mention it here in the blog.

On Tuesday I will do a Pecha Kucha about my time at Mentor. The rest of the week will be devoted for writing a report about my trainee period and preparations for a trip to the sun! Because on Saturday I am bringing my mum to Crete to celebrate her birthday. It will be wonderful and I hope it will make me warm both on the inside and the outside and give me energy for the rest of the month when I am gonna work with another term project in school.

Alarm is set at 5.30…

School Posted on 2009-03-15 22:50:13

And I should have been in bed over an hour ago. Maybe I won’t have energy to write in this blog for six weeks now.. if so, goodbye until then.

And for you who have missed what’s up, my first trainee period starts tomorrow.

No school in six weeks

School Posted on 2009-03-12 16:36:32

Yesterdays training sucked, cause I fell asleep for some minutes while reading that book. Today I was a good girl though, 6.30 I went up from bed and I have been awake since then. The bad thing is that I get hungry to early when I wake up in what I call the middle of the night. I don’t have the appetite to eat much for breakfast so when time was around 11 today I was starving. I guess I’ll have to solve this with fruit or something during the upcoming weeks. I do realize that this is what normal people call habits and routines. But hey, I have never got a permanent employment in my whole life so I am not used to such things, ok?

Today I’ve been at the last lecture in school before the trainee period. It feels really nice and I also feel that I am getting my inspiration and motivation back. Just a few days ago I was filled with anxiety. I was really tired, out of energy and I couldn’t get control of my headache.

Now I just need to clean up my apartment cause I am getting visitors this weekend 🙂

Talking about housework; as a part of my “wake-up-early-training” I have laundry time at 8 am on Saturday.

OK, here is the deal

School Posted on 2009-02-26 12:41:37

I have written a menu of a dinner for Saturday of three dishes including drinks on a paper. I have also written who I would invite for that dinner. That piece of paper is now in the hands of my teacher. After he had gotten the paper he gave me the task to write about the dinner in a text of 2000 characters. It wouldn’t be that hard if I would be allowed to use the characters E, Y and K. But I’m not. All of a sudden every Swedish word contains E, Y or K. I’m lost here.

A writer’s cramp

School Posted on 2009-02-23 21:50:44

I am trying to write a press item of 45 words. But I simply can’t.

Today I found this in the printer

School Posted on 2009-02-17 18:08:00

It’s over!

School Posted on 2009-02-03 01:55:21

The autumn term examination is over. I am now done with the term project, the home examination and the examination seminar. I am satisfied with my own effort and so far I’ve got good grades from the teachers.

I have also written my report from CafĂ© Sturekatten were I met Robyn (the swedish pop singer) which added a little extra touch to my report. I don’t know what to say about the cafĂ© though. It’s cool with the old furnishing and all the small rooms but the staff were stressed, the range of pastries didn’t impress me much, it was expensive and the sound of all visitors speaking in different languages made me unable to relax.

Now I need to sleep, tomorrow (or today) is another day in school.

Work work work with school school school

School Posted on 2009-01-29 02:01:04

I’m working on my essay for the term examination this week but I am like.. done. I have written everything at least and I just need to read it through. It feels good to have it done before the appointed time which is on friday.

I am also already working on a new design for the site we did during the term project. Now when I have free hands to make whatever I feel like with it and work how fast I want without having to explain it to others (I suck as a teacher) I enjoy working on it and I can sit for hours making small corrections to get it the perfect way I want it. I have also scripted a news page with comments to the start page. Soon I’ll be able to show you how it looks like.

I have got a study task as well for the journalistic writing, to write a report about Sturekatten. It’s an old cafĂ© from the 18th century here in Stockholm. So I’ll have to go there some day soon and take a cup of tea to get it done. From what I’ve heard this cafĂ© is something extra ordinary so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be in Norrköping during the late half of next week so I need to get it done before that. Maybe this weekend?

To tired

School Posted on 2009-01-22 22:26:08

I was in school for almost twelve hours today. Term exhibition number one is now completed with satisfaction. On Monday we are presenting the project for our class so tomorrow afternoon the presentation will be prepared for. Tomorrow morning I will allow myself to sleep until I wake up by myself. Last night I slept about 3-4 hours because of a stomach that didn’t want to sleep and the workers at the subway who start working at 2 am and don’t let me sleep with their machines. So now I am to tired to write anything more enjoyable than this.

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