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Boardgames at Tempus

Boardgames Posted on 2009-02-17 00:37:49

Tonight I have played boardgames with my neighbours. The boardgame evening was announced long time ago at the front doors but I had added it in my calendar and went there tonight with my Ticket to Ride: Europe game in my hands. Since I didn’t know anything about what kinds of people who were gonna be there I brought a game that is easy to learn and that I know inside out so I could explain it easily. We were nine persons so we split up in two groups. I played Ticket to ride with two nice guys and ofcourse I won 😉
No one of the participants lives in the same house as me so they were all new faces to me. But it was nice to meet them and I hope we’ll meet up again for some boardgame playing or whatever else they are up to.

The odd thing

Boardgames Posted on 2009-01-03 16:49:01

I promised to show you a screenshot of the odd thing I did in TTR: Online a few days ago. So here goes..
Blog ImageIt’s a bit hard to see but I broke my record and got 160.. the odd thing is that I did it with only small tickets.. I didn’t know it was possible to get such a high score when you have thrown away your big ticket.

I won they lost

Boardgames Posted on 2008-12-28 03:35:29

My new record in TTR Europe Online. 157.
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Axis & Allies

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-31 16:55:11

We were supposed to play Axis & Allies by Avalon Hill during the boardgame weekend. But we just got time to start it before I and one of the others had to go. Therefore I can’t write much about this game. I usually don’t like boardgames about wars. And it is also very boring to watch when others are playing them. I decided to give Axis & Allies a try anyway and the start gave me hope but as written, I can’t say much about it.Blog Image

Race for the Galaxy

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-29 20:01:37

Another game we played during the boardgame weekend was Race for the Galaxy by Rio Grande Games. I got this game as a birthday present from my friends in Linköping. The first time I played it I didn’t understand much of the game. But during the eurotrip with D this summer we played it pretty much and I started to like it. In this game the players build up their galactic civilizations and collect victory chips as points. It’s not a big game, it only contains cards and the victory chips. When you have learned how it’s played it’s simple, fast and enjoyable.

+ The game is fast played, around 30-60 mins.
+ It’s playable on two with an extra rule that doens’t make the game boring which most games usually are when played with two players.
+ Somehow they have managed to make a game simple and complex with just a few gameparts.

– It’s hard to learn and understand for a first time player.
– I wouldn’t say there is no interaction but the interaction is minimal


Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-28 17:16:00

Lookout games is a young company on the German boardgame market. Last year they published Agricola, a game completely of my taste. The game got Spiel des Jahres special award for Best complex game and won the Deutscher Spiele Preis this year.
When we played it this weekend I was tired and hadn’t got the rules completely clear so I think I’ll like it more next time I play it. In Agricola you are a farmer with a yard that you are supposed to fill with a bigger house, pastures with animals, fields with grain and so on. In the end you get points for what you have built up on your yard.

+ It’s easy to learn if you aren’t tired and making tea while rules are explained 😛
+ It doesn’t take a to long time.
+ The interaction with other players is better in this game than many other games of this type since you can’t pick an action that is already picked during the current turn.

– The cards could be better designed with symbold or colors to make it easier to remember what each card has to offer.

My conclusion: I really want to play this game again now when I know the rules because I really like the concept.

Btw, we ate Non Stop 😉

Arkham Horror

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-28 16:35:13

Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games is a game for the boardgame geeks. I have played it once before and I think it takes a few times to learn so I can’t say I know the game fully yet. The game takes place in the city of Arkham from the books of Lovecraft. Together the players fight the monsters in Arkham which means this is not a game where one of the players wins, either all the players win or the monster in the game wins. I liked this game more this time than when I played it for the first time and I will probably like it even more next time I play it. It’s a very complex game and it contains lots of things.

+ The first plus I’ll give this game is because it’s collaboration designed. It’s hard to succeed with a collaboration game but this game is a well designed success in my eyes.
+ Next plus goes to the variation of the game since there are lots of roles one can play with different abilities and also different monsters to fight against in the game.

– My first minus to this game is because it takes a long time to learn and most often there is a new player to the game who has to get the rules explained from scratch. But a complex game like this needs some setup time as well so it’s not unbareable.
– I will also give the game a minus for the long time it takes to play. Atleast sometimes. We were six players playing Arkham Horror this weekend and I don’t think it took a to long time for being that many players but I remember last time I played it as a marathon game.
– Here comes my last minus for the waiting time. Even though it is a collaboration it feels like you are mostly sitting and waiting for your turn which makes you a bit unconcentrated and you start to talk to your neighbour at the table about other things. I think we expereinced this minus more this weekend though since we were more players.

But as I wrote it feels like I will like this game more and more fore every time I play it. But I will probably never buy it to my own boardgame collection.

Roborally première

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-27 17:43:35

I got to play my Roborally for the first time this weekend (I don’t count when J and I played it under stress just when I’d bought it). Roborally is made by Avalon Hill and it was fun fun fun! It was so fun that we even played it twice in a row. One thing I can say about this game is the more, the merrier. Because when you are more players, more things can happen to the robots which makes the interaction more intensive and that’s the biggest point with this game. You can play this with up to eight players. We were five and it was fun but we decided that the game was over when the winner was named, otherwise it would’ve taken to long time. I didn’t win though ;(

+ One plus with this game is that it is easy to learn.
+ Next plus is that it doesn’t take a lot of time if you don’t want it to, it depends on which course you choose and if you let everyone finish the race.
+ I’ll also give a plus for the big interaction part that makes it so fun and causes alot of laughs.
+ The game also has to get a plus for the variation. There are, 4 two-sided factory floorboards, which means you have 8 different boards to choose between and you can also put them together to make bigger factory floors.

– A big minus with the game for an organizer like me is that there are no bags or boxes in the carton. And since there are lots of small parts, I mean heaps of small parts (8 flags, 8 robots, 60 damage tokens, 40 life tokens, 84 program cards, 8 power down tokens, 26 option cards, sand timer and 4 factory floor boards) I had to buy zip-bags to get some organization in the game carton.

But all in all this game is wonderful and I think most people would like it.
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She’s got a ticket to ride!

Boardgames Posted on 2008-10-19 01:08:56

I ended this day with a game of Ticket to ride: Europe with C. She liked the game and was really close to finish some really good rides. But lack of experience made her lose the game to me. I had some luck with my tickets aswell, I don’t think I’ve ever completed as many rides as I did today. I’d also like to say that C usually don’t play boardgames so this is a game I can recommend to beginners as well as experienced boardgame players. Everyone likes it!

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Now I’m off to bed, goodnight!


Boardgames Posted on 2008-08-30 16:12:06

I bought Roborally this week. I have been wanting it for a long time but everywhere I have asked for it I’ve been told that they’re out of copies and no one has been able to say when it will be back in stores. Although, when I went to the science fiction bookstore last Wednesday I just stumbled upon a copy of the game. I just couldn’t resist to buy it when I saw it in real life. J and I tried to play it really quick once but we were a bit stressed and we think we missed some parts of the rules. Anyway, it seems fun and we will probably play it again next week. I’ll probably write another post about it when I’ve got a little more gameexperience.
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