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No lack of motivation but still…

Sports Posted on 2009-02-15 16:21:03

I am in a so bad form right now and I haven’t been running much lately. I don’t feel fit at all and that is motivation enough for me to go out in the track. So I am motivated but still I don’t do it. And for every day of no training it gets even harder to get myself back in form again. If anyone can give me a tip about how to shape up and feel the joy in running again I would be very thankful.

My social life is so-so right now.. It feels like all my plans get called off for one or another reason. A dinner, a concert and a visitor for next weekend have all been cancelled the last days. Although I was at the ResumĂ©bar with some classmates a few days ago. I didn’t see Peter Settman who was supposed to be there but we had pretty fun anyway. What I have in front of me now is Gustaf Spetz at Mosebacke tonight with Jonas and a boardgame evening at Tempus tomorrow with my neighbours who I don’t know yet.

I feel good!

Sports Posted on 2008-12-06 13:29:37

It’s raining outside and my ears got a bit cold during my lap in the running track but it felt so good to run today! I wasn’t even tired afterwards so I even ran back home. Maybe it’s time to increase the length of my ordinary run.


Sports Posted on 2008-11-26 21:52:18

I played some badminton today with three of my classmates at Badmintonstadion. It was an afternoon filled with many laughs and I hope we’ll play again soon because it was pure fun 🙂


Sports Posted on 2008-11-16 16:45:23

I planned to run a lap in the running track today before noon. When I looked out it was rainy and the thermometer was on 2,8 degrees. I went out anyway and the track was really muddy. The usual mudholes were today filled with water and my running felt more like jumping than running. It felt good anyway. I start to feel that I have more energy now and like I jumped around today it also showed that I have more energy. When I had been at home for half an hour or so I was even happier about that I had run as planned cause then it started to snow! The temperature was sinking and it wasn’t small snowflakes falling down. Like my aunt use to say, it snowed Lovikka mittens! That made me stay inside the rest of the day.

Clay up my ass

Sports Posted on 2008-10-29 11:58:50

So, now I have used my new training gear for the first time in a lighted running track that was very muddy. Actually a bit more muddy than one should accept. My gear doesn’t look new any longer and me who had planned to use the same shoes in the badminton hall.

Ice hockey vs Soccer

Sports Posted on 2008-10-27 19:13:06

Yesterday when I missed the bus I had to take a taxi to the train station. The taxi driver and I came to discuss ice hockey vs soccer, which teams we liked and so on. The first thing the taxi driver said when I told him I was from Norrköping was “The town with no ice hockey team”, he was a little bit wrong there because Norrköping has Vita Hästen which when I grew up was better than LHC. At that time I used to go on the matches to see Vita Hästen play vs other hockey teams (some of them playing in Elitserien now). That’s when I learned that Ice hockey is fun. This is one of the three things that in my opinion decide if you like ice hockey or soccer. The culture of your neighbourhood. The taxi driver is a big example of this. He didn’t like soccer at all. He even said that soccer is for gays, since there is no action and no fights. He said that if he is to watch soccer he rather watch women’s soccer because then he can at least watch at the girls. But as I said to him, he lives in Linköping, there is no soccer culture there, I don’t even know the name of their soccer team if they have one. They only have the women’s team, LFC which doesn’t have any long history. In Norrköping on the other hand, there is a big soccer culture. We have IFK Norrköping, a team in Allsvenskan which was really big in the 50’s when my parents generation were kids. And now I am automatically entering the second thing to decide what you like the most. The inheritance from your parents. Most people get their favourite sport when they are young and then they are very influenced by their parents and what their parents like. For example my dad likes Ice hockey so he has taught me and my brother that hockey is the game to like. The third thing is of course what you enjoy the most to watch, for example if you like action and fighting you probably like hockey more than soccer and vice versa. The taxi driver liked sports with fighting so hockey was therefore an easy choice for him.

So, what do I have as my favourite?
I like ice hockey the most.
– As I wrote, when I was a kid we both had a good hockey team and a good soccer team in my home town. The soccer culture was bigger but Vita Hästen was better than never before while IFK Norrköping was on a decline.
– My dad who is from Dalarna where the hockey dominates the soccer totally taught me that hockey is fun and soccer is boring.
– I enjoy to watch Ice hockey more than soccer actually, both on TV and live. It happens more in hcokey, there are more goals and it’s faster. The minus is the fighting which I think is unessecary. But the players are so charged durign matches so they can’t keep it inside when something annoys them.

And if you wonder which my favorite team is, it’s not Vita Hästen. It is Leksand Stars which is also an inheritance from my dad and Dalarna. But I also like them for the entertaining hockey they play and for their wonderful supporters Superstars which are friendly, entertaining and creative.
But I admit, I am a supporter IFK Norrköping as well. I am not totally uninterested of soccer, I just like hockey more. And if you have just a tad interest in soccer while coming from a town with a big soccer culture like Norrköping, you can’t escape it.

What do you like the most? Hockey or soccer?

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New training gear

Sports Posted on 2008-10-25 00:37:28

I bought a pair of Nike Air Span+ 5 and a pair of training pants today (pictures below). And I am aware of the pressure that comes together with this purchase. I will use them! I believe myself when I say so anyway…


Sports Posted on 2008-10-22 09:15:36

Even though my dad broke his foot this year he was absolutely determined to run Höstmilen one last and 30th time. Some parts of the terrain had a clearly to uneven surface so this year he had to walk big parts of the race. But I still think he did great. Here is a movie of him when he finish the race and here is an article from Norrköpings Tidningar where they mention his last race, the last picture in the article is my dad 🙂

My brother was also running of course, his 21st race in a row (and he’s only 29 years old). Here is the movie of him. C and I can be seen in both movies when we are taking photos of the runners 🙂

Blog ImageThis is Johan Hydén, the winner of the spurt prize after 2km, he was on 4th place in the whole race. This picture was taken by me for a task in school to take a photo of a quick personality.