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Life is good

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-04-12 23:24:03

I have the best friends in the world.
I have been in Linköping for two days and spent some time with them. I have seen Tobias new apartment (which is Annas old apartment) and I have seen Anna and Andreas‘ new house which was very nice and where I stayed over the night. I’ve also experienced Ljungsbro by night together with Anna, Andreas, Tobias and Björn. Something that appeared to be a bit scary. Cars, oil, drunks, mopeds and cats were involved.

Today I have been in Tornby together with Anna, Andreas, Pernilla and Stefan where I ate this years first real icecream. In the afternoon we ate grilled food at Pernilla and Stefans place.

But most of all, I have enjoyed the company and the sun and life has just been good to me. The only stupid thing was that I forgot to bring my camera.

Now I am back in Norrköping at my parents place and tomorrow I’ll take the train back home to Stockholm. I am a happy cow and this Easter holiday beats last years by far. (I had 39 degrees last year)

Happy Easter holiday

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-04-10 10:35:11

Happy Easter holiday blogreaders!
I am in Östergötland this holiday to spend some time with family and friends. I will also bring my new camera wherever I go. I got it two days ago (really fast cargo) so I am trying my best to learn the most useful functions and take good photos.

I have been at Mentor for four weeks now. Time goes really fast and I only have two weeks left. I am working at their fashion business magazine Habit, writing both for the web and the paper magazine. My biggest project is an article of 10,000 characters that will be published in the paper magazine in july. But I am also reporting news on the web daily.
An easter bird thingie, hanging in the lamp over the dinner table at my parents. Cute? 🙂


Life in General Posted on 2009-04-06 23:28:58

During the last two days I have bought two pair of trousers, two pair of panties, one skirt, one blouse, a pair of shoes and a new cellphone. I have also ordered a new camera. Woohooo I like shopping! It’s even more fun than blogging. When I came home today there was a power cut in the house and it lasted for three hours. But.. I had a new cellphone to play with so it wasn’t that bad 😉
Now I am like two hours late for bed.. but that power cut kinda disturbed my plans for today so, I am late with everything.

Hi again

Life in General Posted on 2009-04-05 16:52:51

I didn’t write anything last weekend and I haven’t written anything this weeekend either. I am in Norrköping at the moment. Going back to Stockholm in about 30 mins. So I don’t have time to write anything now either cause I need to head down to the railway station. Soon it’s easter holiday though, maybe I’ll give you something then.. I know.. I suck.

Hi blogreaders

Life in General Posted on 2009-03-26 22:08:34

Are you still here?
I am tired and on my way to bed. Maybe I’ll write something by the weekend about what I am doing at Mentor. But no promises.

Alarm is set at 5.30…

School Posted on 2009-03-15 22:50:13

And I should have been in bed over an hour ago. Maybe I won’t have energy to write in this blog for six weeks now.. if so, goodbye until then.

And for you who have missed what’s up, my first trainee period starts tomorrow.

Lisbeth Salander = win

Film Posted on 2009-03-15 22:44:56

Yesterday I saw Män som hatar kvinnor at Rigoletto here in Stockholm. As I love the book I had looked forward to this movie since the first time I heard they were going to make a film of the book. What I have feared the most is to see how they will portrait the very special character Lisbeth Salander and I have been thinking that it must be impossible to find an actress who can give a fair picture of Lisbeth. But I must say Noomi Rapace did this great! She makes Lisbeth Salander just the way I imagined her when reading the book.

To sum it all up, I liked this film a lot. There were no parts from the book that I really missed as it sometimes can be when books become movies. Some scenes were very violent and a bit nasty but that are probably parts that are needed to make the film good.

I give this film 5 cows! And I am already looking forward to the next film in the trilogy.

My weekend

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-03-15 20:55:14

I’ve had a really nice weekend. As I wrote in my last post my aunt and cousin has been here. We went to the cinema, played Ticket to Ride and were at a concert. In between we talked, laughed and had great fun. Sleeping three in my apartment worked great. I have my tabletricks 😉

Relatives in el Stock

Friends and Family Posted on 2009-03-14 09:43:11

Today my aunt Marianne and my cousin Anna are coming to Stockholm, we will go see Män som hatar kvinnor on the cinema today and tomorrow we will go on a concert in Klara Kyrka with the Ådahl brothers. We are all gonna sleep in my little apartment, how that will work out is yet to see.

No school in six weeks

School Posted on 2009-03-12 16:36:32

Yesterdays training sucked, cause I fell asleep for some minutes while reading that book. Today I was a good girl though, 6.30 I went up from bed and I have been awake since then. The bad thing is that I get hungry to early when I wake up in what I call the middle of the night. I don’t have the appetite to eat much for breakfast so when time was around 11 today I was starving. I guess I’ll have to solve this with fruit or something during the upcoming weeks. I do realize that this is what normal people call habits and routines. But hey, I have never got a permanent employment in my whole life so I am not used to such things, ok?

Today I’ve been at the last lecture in school before the trainee period. It feels really nice and I also feel that I am getting my inspiration and motivation back. Just a few days ago I was filled with anxiety. I was really tired, out of energy and I couldn’t get control of my headache.

Now I just need to clean up my apartment cause I am getting visitors this weekend 🙂

Talking about housework; as a part of my “wake-up-early-training” I have laundry time at 8 am on Saturday.

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